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Computational Biology Group

CompBio Corridor Workshop Program

Groups from MSU, UofM, WayneState, Pharmacia&UpJohn, Parke-Davis and Van Andel will come to MSU on Nov 13 to discuss the new Michigan Life Sciences Corridor program. See the Program in pdf format.

Note that we are in the process of redoing the web site. Our intent is to add a database to the back-end of the web page so that any individual can themselves enter information about participants, projects, groups etc. and then have the corresponding web pages update with that new information. Please stop back around the end of the semester to see what's new.

Useful links The Michigan State University Computational Biology Group (CBG) represents a diverse group of researchers from around campus who actively participate in collaborative research on topics including:

  • protein flexibility and folding
  • water-mediated ligand binding
  • access to genomic databases
  • models of microbial communities
  • evolution as a computational approach

as well as a host of many other topics. Computational biology is a fast growing area which requires close, collaborative interactions, one of the strengths of Michigan State.

Please visit again soon as the pages are bound to change in the coming months as we update the pages with more researchers from the university.

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